Vegetable Chopper


Global Forged Range

Cromova18 Stainless Steel

Fully Forged Knife

Rockwell C56-58

Acute 15 Degree Cutting Edge

Handwash Only

Designed by Komin Yamada

Made in Japan

More Information
Brand Global GF
Product Type Vegetable Chopper
Size 20cm Blade

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The GF-36 is the fully forged version of Global extremely popular G-5. The shape of the knife is specifically intended for chopping vegetables. The GF-36 has a long flat blade designed to come into full contact with the cutting board with each stroke and create clean cuts of each vegetable. The deep blade will make easy work of heavy vegetables such as sweet potato, squashes and beetroot. The front of the blade has a slight upward curve for slicing and dicing vegetables. We recommend the GF-36 for professional chefs who do a lot of chopping in the kitchen. This knife will take a lot of punishment and is a lot more robust than its cousin the G-5. As a fully forged knife the GF-36 has the same blade as the G-5, but is made from one piece of steel from the knife point to the end of the handle and contains a full tang. It feels substantially heavier and has a lot more presence that the G-5, which is great if you think Global knives are a bit too light.