Oriental Deba Knife


Global Classic Range

Cromova18 Stainless Steel

Rockwell C56-58

Acute 15 Degree Cutting Edge

Handwash Only

Designed by Komin Yamada

Made in Japan

More Information
Brand Global G
Product Type Oriental Deba Knife
Size 18cm Blade

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The Global G-7 Oriental Deba is a traditional Japanese knife with a one sided grind and it is essentially the G-4 with a single bevel. It is a short but heavy knife, made to cut up whole fish. The blade is squat and has some weight to it, signifying its strength in chopping. The weight of the deba knife allows it to cut through fish bones to sever the head and tail from the fish and this is what it is designed to do. Using the tip of the blade you can also fillet fish, Japanese style. As a traditional Japanese knife we do not recommend purchasing this knife, if you are looking for a general purpose cook's knife. If you like the shape of the knife but wish to use the blade for more European style cooking, we recommend the G-4.The oriental Deba also comes in a smaller size as the GS-4.