Throughout the year promotional offers are created for both seasonal occasions and to mark the anniversary of Global Knives. These are normally bundles of products or a new release that is either discounted or on sale for a short period of time.

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  1. Limited Edition Chef's Set
    Limited Edition Chef's Set GCH-58/11LSP
  2. 7 Piece Knife Block Set
    7 Piece Knife Block Set G-886B/35AN
  3. 3 Piece Knife Set
    3 Piece Knife Set G-9638106/AN
  4. 12pc Knife Block Set
    12pc Knife Block Set G-836/12ANB
  5. Utility Knife
    Utility Knife GSF-22/AN
    11cm Blade
  6. Peeling knife
    Peeling knife GSF-15/AN
    8cm Blade
  7. Santoku Knife
    Santoku Knife GS-35/AN
    13cm Blade
  8. Utility Knife
    Utility Knife GS-11/AN
    15cm Blade
  9. Vegetable Knife
    Vegetable Knife GS-5/AN
    14cm Blade
  10. Cook's Knife
    Cook's Knife GS-3/AN
    13cm Blade
  11. Bread Knife
    Bread Knife G-9/AN
    22cm Blade
  12. Vegetable Knife
    Vegetable Knife G-5/AN
    18cm Blade
  13. Carving Knife
    Carving Knife G-3/AN
    21cm Blade
  14. Vegetable Knife
    Vegetable Knife G-81
    18cm Blade
  15. 7 pce Knife Block
    7 pce Knife Block 6-636/7B
  16. 6 pce Knife Block
    6 pce Knife Block G-636/6B
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18 Items

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Set Descending Direction