Global Knives was recently awarded 'Iconic' status by the UK Housewares Industry at its prestigious gathering towards the end of 2020. A fitting end to an important year which marked the 35th Anniversary of Global's launch in 1985. So what's next for Global? While we will continue to celebrate the Classic Global Collection we all know and love, we've been listening to the newer generations of hobby cooks and chefs, to evolve the brand in both design and innovation. Meet Global UKON. 

The name 'UKON' has many positive connotations in Japanese legend. Our favourite use of the word lies in the expression 'Tachibana No Ukon' referring to the Mandarin Tree that was symbolically planted on the right-hand side of the Imperial Palace in Kyoto. It was said to balance the Cherry Blossom Tree on the left-hand side, known as the 'Sakura No Sakon'. Together they replaced the Samurai Guards who had until then protected the Emperor, but who were deemed no longer necessary during times of peace. Read the Full Story of UKON here.

Due to the pandemic, 2020 has been a devastating year for the UK Hospitality Industry and our hearts go out to all those who have been affected. To demonstrate our support and admiration for all those in the hospitality sector who may have suffered during this pandemic, we’ll be donating £5 to Hospitality Action for every Global UKON knife sold between April and September 2021. We hope you will come on board and experience for yourself, the brand new Global UKON series, whilst helping us to reach out to those in need in our industry.

In true GLOBAL tradition, the knife is constructed from the best Stainless Steel material and the UKON series features thicker blades to enhance performance.

UKON knives are subject to even more precise grinding and finishing work, making them 10 percent sharper out of the box.

The knives are designed with an ambidextrous thumb rest that sits closer to the blade for added control and efficiency.

The underside of the handle features GLOBAL’s trademark indentations, making UKON knives extremely comfortable to hold.

The Global Ukon GU-01 Chef’s Knife is a versatile all-purpose blade that excels at every cutting task you can think of in the kitchen. The GU-01 is great for chopping vegetables, meat and fish, and it can also be used to finely chop herbs or peel garlic. Whatever the task, slicing, dicing, chopping or mincing, you can rely on this chef’ knife to perform every time.

The Global Ukon GU-03 Bread Knife has a long, serrated blade, perfect for slicing through thick crusty bread loaves and soft bread rolls. The GU-03 is also great for slicing soft fruit and vegetables such as tomatoes because the serrated blade glides into the delicate skin, preventing you from crushing the juicy inner layer, leaving a nice clean finish.

The Global Ukon GU-04 Santoku Knife is a versatile all-purpose knife that can chop, slice and dice most vegetables, meat and fish. The word Santoku means ‘three qualities’ in Japanese and some would say this relates this to the three key prepping techniques mentioned above. The fluted edge on the blade creates little air pockets when you chop, to reduce friction and sticking of foods.

The Global Ukon GU-05 Carving Knife features a long, narrow blade that is slightly curved to effortlessly glide through cooked meats and poultry. This specialist knife is stylish, functional and perfectly balanced allowing you to carve the finest slices for your Sunday roasts, BBQ’s, parties and buffets. 

The Global Ukon GUM-10 Vegetable Knife, also known as a ‘Nakiri’, is a Japanese square-tipped knife created almost exclusively for prepping vegetables. The flat parts of the blade are designed to chop and slice through vegetables with precision and ease. The knife’s wide blade is also ideal for moving ingredients from the chopping board to the pan.

The Global Ukon GUS-20 Small Santoku Knife is a great all-rounder knife and one of its key features is the indentations on the cutting edge. These small divets create little air pockets between the blade and your ingredients, to prevent slices from sticking as you cut. The GUS-20 is excellent for prepping medium vegetables, meat and fish.

The Global Ukon GUS-22 Utility Knife is a multipurpose knife, ideal for slicing, mincing and prepping. It is a great kitchen knife for everyday use and the serrated blade makes it particularly useful for cutting fruits and vegetables with fine skins or soft insides. The GUS-22 will also glide though other foods such as salami, sausages and bread loaves.

The Global Ukon GUS-24 Utility Knife is great for chopping smaller foods such as shallots, avocado and cheese. This multiskilled knife shares many qualities of a chef’s knife but is well suited to working with smaller food items, allowing for more precise, delicate cutting work. The GUS-24 Utility Knife is also useful as a small carving knife.

The Global Ukon GUF-30 Paring Knife is a must-have tool for any professional chef. It can be used for a wide variety of kitchen tasks from simple slicing and light peeling, to skilled intricate work. The small, forged blade makes the knife extremely robust and great for hand peeling, precision cuts and garnishing. It is also useful for deveining shrimp or removing seeds.

The Global Ukon GUF-32 Utility Knife is a fully forged, robust knife that can tackle any kitchen task, whether its filleting fish, carving meat or slicing vegetables. Its thin, agile blade and compact size make it wonderfully nimble and easy to manoeuvre. When precision cuts are needed, the GUF-32 is the right tool for the job.

The Sakura 3-Piece Knife Set is an ideal way to start your Global knife collection. It contains 3 kitchen essentials that you cannot live without, the GU-01 20cm Chef’s Knife, the GUS-24 15cm Utility Knife and the GUF-30 9cm Paring Knife.

The Ukon 6-Piece Knife Block Set is a real showpiece! It features a stylish and contemporary stainless-steel and black design that will complement any kitchen setting. The knife block includes the GU-01 20cm Chef’s Knife, the GU-03 22cm Bread Knife, the GUM-10 14cm Vegetable Knife, the GUS-22 15cm Scalloped Utility Knife and the GUF-30 9cm Paring Knife.

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