Counterfeit Knives

It is known that Global knives have been reproduced and copied. These counterfeit items have been offered to professional chefs and the general public.

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Please make sure you buy from Official stockists to ensure you receive a genuine product, we do not recommend buying from auction sites or marketplaces such as Amazon or Ebay, where known copies have been sold. stockists list.

Professional Chef Scenario

Professional Chef Scenario

If you are a professional chef you may be familiar with the typical scenario knock on the back door or someone asking you to spare a few minutes to see what is in the boot of the car. Whatever the approach, the story is the same. “Genuine knives at a discount!” “Direct from the manufacturer!” “Surplus stock but be quick, cash only.” Well, the knives are bound to be cheap as they were probably made in a Chinese factory for a few pence and the edge will only last a short time, despite the logo on the blade. In fact, it is normally the case that the knives are so inferior that they do not even justify the bargain price paid for them.

Trade Fair Scenario

Trade Fair Scenario

In another example, you may have visited a trade fair or exhibition and been approached by someone offering the deal of a lifetime. The story goes “I’m an exhibitor and its time to pack up. We have items out of their packaging/cant be bothered to transport the knives back to the warehouse, interested in these?” For cash, of course. But of course, they are fake knives, made in the same type of factory as the first example and made of inferior materials.

Auction Sites

Auction Sites

Yoshikin, the manufacturers of Global, have also found many examples of counterfeit products on internet auction sites such as eBay, even though the sellers claim that the products are genuine and legal. The products may be cheaper but for good reason…they are vastly inferior, incorporating cheap steel, poor manufacturing standards and blades that will not hold an edge for more than a couple of uses. These illegal reproductions are often offered as a collection of knives in a black knife roll or case…so beware ! Recently, there have been a number of warnings published on this subject and now some auction dealers split these knife collections to sell them as individual items. It should be noted that Global is an EU registered trademark, despite the fact that some counterfeit products have duplicated this protected trademark. Other reproductions may be labelled with ‘Global Chef’ or ‘Global Professional’, which have no association with Global Knives although every effort has been made to pass the reproduction off as a genuine product.

What is counterfeiting?

Counterfeiting is the deliberate use of a false trademark that is identical with or substantially indistinguishable from a registered trademark. It is theft. Counterfeiting steals the identity of trademark owners and robs consumers of a number of things, including comfort, reliability and their personal safety. Trademark counterfeiting is often thought of as a victimless crime and that no great harm can be caused by the sale or purchase of fake products.

Why shouldn't I buy counterfeit products?

Counterfeit goods put public safety at risk. By their very nature, fake goods are produced very cheaply and are not subject to the rigorous testing procedures that reputable manufacturers are required to carry out on their products.

Counterfeiting is big business

There is an enormous cost worldwide in lost revenues, damage to legitimate businesses and effect on employment. In the UK alone, the estimated loss to the economy has doubled over the last five years. In 2003, it cost us over 4000 jobs and nearly 10 billion, on which the VAT alone would fund several new schools and hospitals. Counterfeiting is a very real threat to the future of the many livelihoods that depend on the businesses of trademark owners including production workers and delivery drivers.

Links have been proven to other serious organised crime and has been known to finance drug trafficking. Many counterfeiters hail from foreign countries, such as South Korea, Vietnam, or Russia. They are frequently organized in a network of importers and distributors who use connections in China, South East Asia, or Latin America to have their counterfeit and imitation products made inexpensively by grossly underpaid labourers. Major criminals control much of the trade in fakes, using their existing smuggling and money-laundering networks to swamp the markets. In turn, global intelligence has connected these vast illegal profits to other serious organised crime, including terrorism.

Third-party selling

We strongly recommend purchasing from official Global Knife stockists where stock can be verified. Please check the vendor and only trust highly rated sellers.