Carving Fork Straight


Global Forged Range

Cromova18 Stainless Steel

Fully Forged Knife

Rockwell C56-58

Acute 15 Degree Cutting Edge

Handwash Only

Designed by Komin Yamada

Made in Japan

More Information
Brand Global GF
Product Type Carving Fork

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The GF-24 will hold your joints of meat securely in place while you carve your pieces of meat. The two tines on the end can be inserted into the meat to check that the meat is cooked as the juices run clear. Global provide two carving forks in their range, the GF-24 and the G-13. Aesthetically the GF-24 is quite pleasing to look at. Smooth rounded lines finishing in two sharp points. I have always preferred the GF-24 to the standard G-13 carving fork. The main advantage of the GF-24 is that it fits in a drawer more easily as it lies flat! The G-13 prongs stick up meaning it often catches the roof of the drawer. Consider paring with a G-3 carving knife for those perfect Sunday roasts.