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The name 'UKON' has many positive connotations in Japanese legend. Our favourite use of the word lies in the expression 'Tachibana No Ukon' referring to the Mandarin Tree that was symbolically planted on the right-hand side of the Imperial Palace in Kyoto. It was said to balance the Cherry Blossom Tree on the left-hand side, known as the 'Sakura No Sakon'. Together they replaced the Samurai Guards who had until then protected the Emperor, but who were deemed no longer necessary during times of peace.

In true GLOBAL tradition, the knife is constructed from the best Stainless Steel material and the UKON series features thicker blades to enhance performance. UKON knives are subject to even more precise grinding and finishing work, making them 10 percent sharper out of the box. The knives are designed with an ambidextrous thumb rest that sits closer to the blade for added control and efficiency. The underside of the handle features GLOBAL's trademark indentations, making UKON knives extremely comfortable to hold.

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  1. Chef's Knife
    Chef's Knife GU-01
    20cm Blade
  2. Bread Knife
    Bread Knife GU-03
    22cm Blade
  3. Santoku Knife
    Santoku Knife GU-04
    18cm Blade
  4. Vegetable Knife
    Vegetable Knife GUM-10
    14cm Blade
  5. Santoku Knife
    Santoku Knife GUS-20
    13cm Blade
  6. Utility Knife
    Utility Knife GUS-24
    15cm Blade
  7. Paring Knife
    Paring Knife GUF-30
    9cm Blade
  8. 3 pce Knife Set
    3 pce Knife Set GU-3002
    15cm Blade
  9. 6 pce Knife Block
    6 pce Knife Block GU-505/6B
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10 Items

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Set Descending Direction