Roux family host lunch for their supporters

Last week, sponsors of the Roux Scholarship from all over the UK were invited to the supporters lunch at The Waterside hosted by the Roux family.

This was an opportunity to review last year’s competition and to discuss and prepare for the forthcoming one, which is eagerly awaited by all!

Tom Basford, Sales Manager for Grunwerg attended the lunch to represent our biggest brand and a main sponsor of the competition, Global Knives UK. He said, ‘The lunch was very enjoyable, and I am not just talking about the delicious food that was served! It was a great afternoon of networking and speaking with the other supporters who all have at least one thing in common, a love of helping to find great culinary talent within the UK and Ireland, and to help young chefs achieve their dream. Like every year, everyone at Grunwerg is already very excited for the Roux Scholarship 2018, and we wish this years’ winner, Luke Selby good luck in his stage at the Nihonryori Ryugin in Tokyo.’