6 Pce Magnetic Rack Knife Set


Global Ni Range Contains: GN-009, GN-008, GNM-09, GNM-06, GNFS-01
and a Magnetic Rack
5 Knives and Rack Made from
Cromova18 Steel
Hollow Weighted Handle
Handwash Only
Designed by Komin Yamada
Made in Japan

More Information
Brand Global Ni
Product Type Knife Rack
Size 14cm Blade
Blade Type Fluted

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If you are looking for one good knife, or one knife to start off your Global Ni collection, the GN-009 is probably where you should start. As cook's knives, they can be used for most kitchen tasks, slicing, chopping and cutting and are the 'go to' knives in the Global Ni range. 

This is the Global NI Series 16cm Oriental Cooks Knife. The Ni range features all of the things we have come to expect from Global knives; the unrivalled cutting edge, sleek distinctive design and impeccable balancing. But it is in the improvements in the Ni, designed by the original Global visionary Komin Yamada that make it truly one of the best range of knives around.

The GNM-09 is a specialist bread knife and really can only be used for this purpose. 

Global Ni produce 3 different sizes of vegetable knife. These knives all feature flatter blades designed to cut down through vegetables and give clean cuts. 

The GNFS-01 has a fully forged blade with a flat handle similar to the GSF-15 in the classic Global series. The knife is small but strong to be used for all those little kitchen tasks, including cutting small fruits and peeling vegetables.

The magnetic rack measures 30cm in length.