10 pce Knife Block Set (Red)


Michel Roux JR Range

Set with 9 Knives and Block

10 Piece Knife Block Set

Red Aluminium Block with 9 Knives

Set Contains: G-65 Salmon Slicer, G-2 Cook's Knife, G-20 Filleting Knife, GS-3 Cook's Knife, GS-5 Vegetable Chopper, GS-21/8 Palette Knife, G-74 Ceramic Steel, GS-29 Fish Bone Tweezers

Made in Japan

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Brand Global Roux JR
Product Type Knife Block Set

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Global 10 Piece MRJ Knife Block Set in Red contains: G2- General Purpose Cook's Knife 20cm, G-65 Ham/Salmon Slicer 27cm Fluted Blade, G-20 Filleting Knife with Flexible 21cm Blade, GS-3 Cook's Knife 13cm, GS-5 Vegetable Chopper 14cm, GS-38 Paring Knife 9cm, S21/8 Palette Knife/Spatula 20cm Blade, G-74 Ceramic Sharpening Steel, GS-29 Fish Bone Tweezers and a Michel Roux Jr Red Knife Block. Set also includes a FREE Michel Roux Jr Cookbook.