It isn’t too late to buy stocking fillers!

It is a week before Christmas. In a perfect world, you have bought and wrapped all of your presents, the food has been bought and it is in the fridge, and the decorations are all nicely in place for the festive week ahead.

For some of you, this could be true, but if you are like us you will be panicking ever so slightly, having just felt the realisation that Christmas is indeed this Sunday and you have forgot to buy a gift for poor Uncle Fred. Well fear not!

At Global we have gifts for everyone (over the age of 18!). Without the need to fork out on a Global knife set for distant relatives, why not still buy the gift of Global this Christmas and wrap up some Global accessories? Such as a Global pen knife… It’s the perfect gift and stocking filler!

The stylish pen knife has scissors, a knife, a file, tweezers and a toothpick, whilst fashioning the famous dots on the body. All of this for just £19.99!

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