Watch the great Global knife skills of Emily Roux in her new video!

Take a look at your right at the recent video of Emily Roux and her father, Michel Roux Jnr, cooking up a feast using the best knives in the business…

We don’t have to keep reminding the world about Global knives because our awards and ambassadors do that for us! Having recently won Chef’s Choice Awards for the 8th time running, and having a certain highly-regarded family of chefs who continuously use these wonderful knives, it’s safe to say you don’t need telling which knives the professionals in the industry prefer!

So if you do own a lovely set of Global’s yourself, the videos embedded in our media section can be very handy for when you are experimenting in the kitchen.

This video is a great view of how a family of fantastic chef’s such as the Roux family keep on getting stronger, with generations continuously taking after their ancestors. Emily Roux, the most recent addition to the Roux clan, has become an inspired chef in her own right. Watch as she works with her father in a funny, educating video using yummy ingredients and Global Knives.