Singapore wins the IKA/Olympics 2016!

Global Knives UK would like to congratulate Singapore, who came first in the Culinary Olympics 2016.

The IKA Culinary Olympics is one of the biggest cooking competitions in the world. More than 2,000 chefs from 59 nations prepare over 7,000 fresh meals in order to satisfy the palettes of a judging panel.

Hosted at the Messe Erfurt in Germany, 25,000 visitors witnessed four days of top elite cooking from worldwide best chefs, who all battled it out to win the Gold Olympic status. The competition consisted of two categories; one category was judged by the presentation of a dish and the other was judged for cooking various dishes including sushi as a cold meal, hot meal and dessert.

Well done to Singapore who topped the scoreboard winning Gold, and congratulations also to Finland who won Silver and Switzerland who went home with Bronze.

Global Knives take pride in supporting elite competitions and proudly supports the Culinary Olympics every year, offering a 10 x 10 stand to promote the brand and offer top prizes to the winners. Mino Tsuchida, the Director of Global worldwide, presented special knives with his signature on to those teams who visited the booth during the exhibition.

As a top knife brand in the food industry, we support elite cooking competitions around the world. The next big event in our calendar is the Roux Scholarship, which is now open for entries! If you are a keen chef living in the UK or Ireland and would like to take that next big leap in your career, apply here… and you could win a life-changing prize!

(Applicants must be 30 years or younger and be in full-time employment as a chef to apply)