Luke Selby chooses Japan for Roux Scholarship stage

Luke Selby, the winner of the Roux Scholarship 2017, has chosen Nihonryori Ryugin as his stage for the next three months.

The stage, which is a part of the amazing prize for winning the UK’s most prestigious competition, will see him work under chef Seiji Yamamoto in Tokyo.

Luke says, ‘I’ve always wanted to go to Japan, I’m fascinated by the culture, the cuisine, the traditions and the complete respect for quality ingredients. The Roux Scholarship gives me a unique opportunity to train somewhere that is completely out of my comfort zone. I’ve chosen Nihonryori Ryugin in Tokyo and Chef Seiji Yamamoto because it is a small restaurant which offers a wide range of both traditional and modern Japanese dishes. Chef’s ethos is one of total respect for the ingredients and to use almost only what is available in Japan. This will be an amazing chance for me to immerse myself in Japanese culture and learn about the produce, techniques, flavours and style.”

Alain Roux, joint chairman of the Roux Scholarship, along with his cousin Michel Roux Jr, said: “I’m fascinated by Luke’s choice, a brave and inspirational one that fully exploits the scholarship opportunity. Luke has chosen one of the finest, most sought after Japanese three-star Michelin restaurants, a place defined by the rare delicacy of its ingredients and the precision and incredible innovation of its techniques under chef Seiji Yamamoto. The stage is set to be the experience of a lifetime where Luke will work with a small, elite brigade serving a tiny dining room, only 20 covers.  At Restaurant Nihonryori Ryugin, Luke will also discover the real Japan, its culture, food and will fall in love with the unique tableware, as central to the food experience in Japan as the dishes themselves!”

Luke, who took the Young National Chef of the Year title in 2014, beat five other finalists in a highly fought final held at Westminster Kingsway College, London, on 10 April to win the scholarship. Competitors were asked to prepare and serve lièvre à la royale (hare royal) with chestnut pasta and broccoli in a style of their choosing.

For more information about the Roux Scholarship, visit the website: http://www.rouxscholarship.co.uk/