Global Knives aren’t just for Christmas…

Were you one of those lucky individuals who received a brand new Global knife for Christmas? Were you even luckier to unwrap a whole knife block with knives?

Either way, welcome to Global! We do hope you enjoy your new set of knives, and that you will be a happy cooker for years to come!

We know you are itching to run off to the kitchen to use your knives, but please can we keep you for just two more minutes?

The gift of Global is very special, so please don’t forget to keep those beauties sharp and shiny! Please take a look at our website for tips on how to wash your knives, sharpen your knives, and store them safely. They really will serve you well if you serve them well.

OK… Now we can let you go. Happy chopping!

For more updates on our products and taking care of Global knives, please follow our social media channels.

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