Global celebrates two new additions to its range – just in time for Christmas!

As Christmas approaches, we’ve added yet another knife and set to our collection to entice the Global enthusiast this Christmas.

Designed for chopping seasoning and slicing cheeses for the best dessert board around, our GS-102 Cheese and Herb Chopper is a must-have for this festive season.

Just like the rest of the GS series, the handle is hollow-weighted and the blade small at 8cm in length, however, the square-like shape of this blade makes the task of dicing herbs and cutting cheese easier than many other knives set to the task. With a small hole at the tip of the knife that is traditionally used for hanging (think Butchers shop), this knife is a showstopper when paired with a well-selected cheese board.

Perfect for those that use kitchen shears for everything, we’ve designed a brand new set to stop those endless searches through the utensil drawer for those old – and now rather haggard – broken scissors you’ve been using for as long as you can remember. With our GS-103 set you can rest assured that your shears will not only look great (especially next to your shiny Global block) but will be kept in pristine condition as the block firmly holds the shears by the blades keeping the edges from becoming blunt, scratched and making storage safer for all those involved in the kitchen.

So whether you’re looking to expand that already brilliant Global collection or are looking for a premium knife for that cheeseboard lover in your life, we’ve got you covered this festivity!

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