Since the early days of man, knives have been treated alternatively as an invaluable tool, but also as a dangerous weapon of war. Despite thousands of years of development, including the discovery and invention of many new materials, the knife remains an essential part of the kitchen ‘armoury’ and there is little sign of any replacement in future. We, at Global, are dedicated to ensuring that knives are used and stored as safely and securely as possible.

We seek to market and sell our knives and accessory items via authorised distributors who can provide the necessary advice and information which will help the end user – be that a professional chef or hobby cook – to make the right choices and to be able to use and look after their knives as we would wish.

In order to do so, we supply our stockists with catalogues and product information. We expect them to stock and offer an adequate range of alternative options and display and exhibit our knives in a safe and appropriate manner. We expect them to conform with the law and any age requirements applying to their sale.

All our knives are packed in a way to promote safety in handling whilst making the knives visible and identifiable. Most knives are secured by plastic ties within the packaging and protected by cardboard sleeves.

We encourage our distributors to display our knives with maximum visibility, but in a secure way. We do, in some instances, supply lockable cabinets for this purpose.

We try to encourage safe storage of our knives when not in use and offer a number of free-standing knife blocks, magnetic wall racks, and chef’s knife cases for those on the move. As well as helping to keep knives out of reach of young hands, such systems make it easy to spot a missing knife.

There is a well-known maxim that ‘a sharp knife is a safe knife’. Many injuries result from blunt knives which don’t do their job.

We, at Global, offer a variety of sharpening solutions, including sharpening rods, pull-through sharpeners and whetstones, and encourage all users to keep their knives sharp at all times.

Most of our retail partners will offer a two year guarantee on Global knives to cover normal use. If you are concerned at all about your knives within this period, please refer back to where they were purchased.

Global Knives UK also offer an extended guarantee valid for up to 30 years from the date of purchase, subject to certain conditions including the payment of an administration fee for this facility.

We, at Global, encourage all users of our knives to practice and acquire good knife skills.

There are a number of courses dedicated to teaching knife skills but we would particularly recommend those offered by Cactus Kitchens in cooperation with Michel Roux Jr.