2 Year Warranty

For the first two years from the date of purchase, Global knives will be fully guaranteed against any manufacturing faults or defects which become apparent during this period in normal use.

Excluded from this cover are problems arising from:

–         Improper use e.g. opening lids, use as screwdriver

–         Dropping the knife onto a hard surface

–         Use with frozen foods

–         Improper washing and cleaning e.g. dishwashing, drip-drying

–         Excessive exposure to acidic substances or damp conditions

In case of any such fault, the owner should return to whoever they bought the product from, with proof of purchase in order to register their claim.


30 Year Warranty

This extended cover is offered on behalf of Global Knives in the UK and covers a period of up to 30 years from the date of purchase.  Details of the claim and circumstances are to be communicated to our Quality Control department at I Grunwerg Limited (Email – qualitycontrol@grunwerg.co.uk).  If the claim is accepted as valid, and the knife returned to us, it will be replaced with a brand new knife of the same (or equivalent) type upon payment of an appropriate fee to cover postage and administration (currently £12.50 plus VAT per knife).