Yes, any stainless steel product can in some circumstances rust but it is much more resistant to corrosion than ordinary carbon or alloy steels. It is ‘stain-less’ not ‘stain-impossible’.

When purchasing a Global knife, the only way to guarantee that it is genuine is to purchase it from an authorized Global distributor. For your local authorised distributor please contact us.

Recently there has been a big rise in ‘third-party’ selling through websites. Most of these knives are not genuine and you are strongly recommended not to purchase through such websites. Any knives bought through such websites do not carry any guarantee.

I. Grunwerg Ltd is the official distributor of Global knives in the UK & Ireland.

For contact information on the distributor in your country of residence please contact Global Knives Japan –

In metallurgy, stainless steel is defined as a steel alloy with a minimum of 11% chromium content. Stainless steel does not stain, corrode, or rust as easily as ordinary steel (it stains less), but it is not stain-proof. There are different grades and surface finishes of stainless steel to suit the environment to which the material will be subjected in its lifetime. Stainless steel is 100% recyclable and is available in different forms.

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Knife Care

Niks in the blade:

Small niks in the blade are created through normal use of the knife, so don’t panic if this is what has happened. Using a whetstone or even a Minosharp pull-through sharpener should remove these niks for you and get your knife back to brand new sharpness. For larger niks you may need to get your knives professionally sharpened.

Because chips and niks in the blade are not due to manufacture fault, they are not covered by the knife guarantee.
Chunks in the blade:

If the knife blade hits bone or frozen foods, the result can be that the blade has large chunks appear. Unfortunately these are irreparable and the Global knife guarantee is only valid for manufacture fault.

Cutting through frozen food, bone or any such product that results in large chunks in the blade is mis-use of the knife and therefore the knife is not under guarantee and you will need to purchase a replacement.

Broken knife tips:

This can occur through accident or dropping the knife and is not covered by the knife guarantee.

Improper cleaning of your stainless steel is the most common cause. This could include not removing all the dirt from your stainless steel, not thoroughly rinsing your stainless steel after washing, leaving some soap behind, and not thoroughly drying your stainless steel, allowing the iron in your water to react with the oxygen in the air leaving spots behind. In the last instance, it is your water that is rusty not your stainless steel. The best way to avoid rust or corrosion problems is to follow the instructions in the Knife Care Section.

Another cause of rust or corrosion could be that some iron particles have contaminated the surface of your stainless steel by scouring it with steel wool. It is these iron particles from the steel wool that are rusting not your stainless steel. Chlorides, which include a wide range of products from chlorine detergents to salt, can also have a corrosive effect on stainless steel. The addition of molybdenum to all the knives we sell helps our knives resist corrosion to chlorides, but care should still be taken to thoroughly rinse any chlorides from your stainless steel as soon as is conveniently possible.

Global knives are guaranteed against manufacture fault only – this does not include knives that have been dropped.

Unfortunately the guarantee does not cover dropped knives and you will need to purchase a replacement.

Global knives are guaranteed against manufacture fault only.

To determine whether your knife has snapped from manufacture fault or not, and therefore whether it is under guarantee you must return to the store where the knife was purchased for them to examine for you.

When the knife has been examined and the outcome is manufacture fault then the knife is under guarantee. Unfortunately if the knife has no manufacture fault, then the knife is not under its guarantee and a replacement will need to be purchased.

There are many general household stainless steel cleaners available on the market and any of these can be used to remove rust from your stainless steel.

Please visit your local kitchen shop or department store to find one that is specifically produced for kitchen products.

Alternatively Global also have a magic rubber which can help with rusting – this can be purchased from your Global stockist.

Global Knives are fully guaranteed to be free from manufacturing defects that may arise during normal use.

Our guarantee is used to reasonably ensure all Global customers, that any knives with manufacturing faults will be replaced or repaired within a reasonable time frame at our discretion. We reserve the right to reject any knives that have been obviously mistreated, are very old or where the proper care instructions have not been followed.

Normal use covers use of knives by professional and amateur chefs in the kitchen in the preparation of food. Using the knives for any other purpose, dropping the knives or putting the knives in the dishwasher voids the guarantee.

The guarantee only extends to the product’s original purchaser. Chips in the knife blade, broken knife tips, discolorations from food and rust spots and scratches on the blade from sharpening are not covered. In these cases your knife will be returned to you.

If you have a problem with your Global Knife, you must return the knife to the store from which it was originally purchased and they will deal with your enquiry from there.

When we receive a knife back, our quality control team will inspect the knife and make a decision whether to offer a repair or replacement.

Global Knives are guaranteed against manufacture fault only.

Sometimes manufacture fault can cause the blade to snap, but this is not always the case.

If your knife has snapped please ensure you take your knife back to the store where you purchased it from and they will handle your enquiry from there.

Product Range

Yes. Replacement ceramic wheels can be purchased at your local MinoSharp authorized retailer.

Using the ideas of a traditional cheese knife, fluting on a blade can help stop food items sticking to the blade. The fluting should not reach the end of the blade as this would make it a serrated blade.
Originally Global knives used this idea on the Santoku and Vegetable knives, but this has been extended so that many Global chefs, carving and even bread knives are available both with and without the fluting feature.


I.Grunwerg, the distributor of Global knives do not offer this service, but if you require, we can put you in touch with a sharpening service that we recommend.

Sharpening your Global knives is strongly recommended by Whetstone sharpening. The Global factory have specifically designed the Minosharp whetstones to re-create the way the knife was first made and so that when you re-sharpen your knives you can re-gain that super sharp edge.

Click here for a list of the Whetstones available.
If you prefer to sharpen your knife using a steel, Global do have a ceramic and diamond steel available. However, these should be used more to hone the edge as opposed to fully sharpening the knives.

Through use of your ceramic steel, residue can form which is a silver/grey colour. This is a normal occurance and one that shows you are doing the right thing! But it does mean that the pores in the ceramic rod are being clogged up and the steel will be less effective.
To minimise the clogging on your ceramic rod, please wash it in warm soapy water regularly. You may also need to use a scourer.

If you should break your Global ceramic sharpening rod, you can purchase a replacement at your local authorized Global retailer.